Mondomix Festival

Line-up 2017. (More to come)
Live Performance
Anchorsong. Bafula. Cable Street Collective. Chainska Brassika. Faith i Branko. Dom Durner and the Dynamite. Kadialy Kouyate Band. Kongo Dia Ntotila. Kokoroko. Soothsayers. Space Ghetto Funk. Satsangi. The Alchemist's Wardrobe. The Deadeyes. The Didgeridoo Man. The Radial Band. The Ric Harris Trio. Red Sqwrl. Zoe & Zara.
Full line-up of DJs coming soon.
Spoken Word
Reading Between the Lines.
Dave Randall presents Sound System: The Political Power of Music..
The Cowfoot Prince.
Moving Image

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The World Village Project always programmes a mixture of new and cutting-edge world influenced live and recorded music at its festival called the Mondomix. We often say we want to introduce people to the best music they didn’t know they liked and we know fans of our festival do not attend because they recognise famous names on a poster. They attend because they want to discover what’s happening well below the radar of todays pop music scene with bands and artists invited to play not because of any current celebrity or past fame but because of their superb musicianship exciting world influenced music and exuberant uplifting live performance.

NEWS UPDATE We are pleased to announce the first of our New Empowering Music venue sessions here on the Island. Visit the MONDOGIGS website for more information.